REGISTERED NO - IV-08840/2014    NITI AAYOG ID-WB/2018/0183180   PAN NO- AACTB4705H

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Bharat sebabrati mahasangha (BSM) is to create a meaningful opportunity for the underprivileged,distressed deprived segment of the society with a focus on poor people so that they can attain socio-economic,cultural,education,physical,psychological,intellectual,agricultural and vocational development by providing health,education, vocational training,environment,cultural development activities and awareness program.



Bharat Sebabrati Mahasangha(BSM)Visualizes An Enlightened, Healthy And Democratic Bharat Free From Hunger, Poverty,Environmental Degradation,All Forms Of Exploitation Based On Age,Gender,Caste,Language,Religion And Ethnicity.The Organization Will Help The People To Be Independent Economically,Socially,Culturally,Psychologically,Spiritually,Educationally,Physically, Intellectually And Vocationally Ect.



Bharat Sebabrati Mahasangha(BSM) Is A Socal Development Organization Engaged In Multifarious Developmental Program Without Discrimination Of Caste,Gender,Class,Language,Race,Creed Etc.

In The Very Fast Week That India Entered The Lockdown In March,2020 To Curb The Novel Coronavirus Disease(COVID-19) Pandemic.Prime Minister Called On Non-Government Organization(NGO) To Help The Government And Mass By Providing Basic Necessities To The Underprivileged,By Supplying Medical And Protective Gear,Food Grains And Essentials Commodities And Assisting With Awareness Campaigns On Social Distanceing.     

During The COVID-19,We Organize Awareness Building Programmes Covered Topics Like Social Distancing,Best Practices Related To Public Health And Hygiene And Behavior Change Sanitization,Use Of Face Masks,Following Govermment Guidelines During The Lockdown Period And Ways To Protect People From Community Spreading Of The Epidemic.    

It Is A Matter Of Joy To Us That Mahasangha Has Got Permission From Paschim Banga Social For Skill Development(PBSSD), Dept Of Technical Education,Training & Skill   Development,Govt Of W.B.(ID-PBSSD/BHSBMS/737) At ICOD-Gohalapota Centre Under Shyampur-I Block & Gazipur Centre Under Amta- Ii Block Of Howrah District To Conduct ‘Self-Employed Tailor’skill Training For The Youths (18 Year To 45 Years) For Self Employed Ands To Uplift Their Socio-Economic-Phycho Status.

Another Initiative Of Mahasangha Is To Take Over A Primary Education School Named Vivekananda Sishu Swarga (VSS) Situated At Khalisani Rathtala For Providing Quality And Moral Education To The  Clildren.Moreover,In This Year We Enlisted With West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Limited (WBSCl),Govt Of West Bengal,(Enlisted No- WBSCL/721/ENLISTMENT/PP/LD-WBSCL369).

Apart From Above Mentioned Program May Other Action Program Of Mahasangha Are-Help To The Poor,Counseling Facilitation Centre,Vidyatirth Educational Admission Assistance Point,Vivekananda Knowledge Bank (Library), Awareness Program On Health,Environment, Child With Special Needs,Women Empowerment,Homeopathy,Charitable Treatment And Others Skill Development Training Etc..

Our sincere  indebtedness and appreciation to all the members,sebabrati,staff,well-wishers,govt.official,donors,local people and clubs for coming forward spontaneously to help and co-operate in all possible ways.we are proud of them who love us and their blessings help us to expedite our developmental activities.there is no scope of satisfaction of us.we have enough confidence, courage and firm determination to implement any program.

To conclude,I like to extend my heartiest thanks to all our beneficiaries for their active and willing participation in our program.


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